Pay Dues

You are about to be re-directed to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s website for your donation.
Please use their “I would like to give*” pull-down menu to choose the WC option you wish to donate too. Options are:

  • Donation to WC Operating
  • Donation to WC Conservation Endowment
  • Donation to WC Flower Fund Operating
  • Donation to WC Philanthropic Fund
  • Donation to WC as a Tribute Gift
  • Click on the Pay Annual Dues button below.
  • On the new CMA page, click on Sign In/Register. 
  • If you have used the CMA’s website to purchase tickets or membership recently and have a password,  please log in using your email and password. 
  • If not, click on Reset Password and enter the email address associated with your WCCMA account, listed on your mailed dues form. The museum will then send a reset link to that email address. Follow the reset link and create a new password. Log in to your CMA account with your email address and new password.
  • In the upper right-hand corner where it says “Promo Code”, add the Promotion Code: WC2021. 
  • You can also use the links the “Womens Council Renewal” to add additional gifts to your cart. 
  • Detailed information was mailed./ emailed to you as well