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2022-2023 Board Members
WC Member Dorothy Ceruti - Forty Five Divided by Nine, 1984. On view in Gallery 224 A Contemporary Corridor
Art Dialogue

Feb 17, 2022

Art Dialogues - Worthington Yards
October 18, 2022

Museum Events
Riemenschneider and Late Medieval Alabaster
Sun, 03/26/2023 to Sun, 07/23/2023

Museum Events
A Splendid Land: Paintings from Royal Udaipur
Sun, 06/11/2023 to Sun, 09/10/2023
Museum Events
Imagining Rama’s Journey
Fri, 03/10/2023 to Sun, 09/17/2023
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About Us

The Womens Council takes an active role in support of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Individually and collectively, our members engage with the museum by participating in educational programs, volunteering, and providing financial support. Working in partnership, the Womens Council assists the museum in fulfilling its dual roles as one of the world’s most distinguished comprehensive art museums and as one of northeast Ohio’s principal civic and cultural institutions.

Our History

The Womens Council was organized in 1941 as the "Junior Council" at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Since the Council's inception, 36 women each have served two-year terms as chair. Membership has grown from 25 to about 70 in the 1950's, then to about 300 in the 1980's, and currently to more than 600. Dues in the 1940's were $2; today, it stands at $150.

Our Mission

To attract and nurture a community of engaged members who support the mission of the Cleveland Museum of Art to create transformative experiences through art.

Our Promise

To foster meaningful relationships with each other, the community, and the museum through educational programming, volunteering, and fundraising.

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An interested new member is nominated by existing members of Womens Council, and the candidate is expected to offer her time, skill, and expertise for the benefit of the Cleveland Museum of Art, after being accepted into Council.

For more information about the Womens Council or the Cleveland Museum of Art, please contact

For help with the website, please contact the web administrator Anne-Marie Petros at