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Parade The Circle – June 10

Parade the Circle, one of Cleveland’s most impactful cultural events, is an annual art parade that fills Wade Oval with lively sounds and colors, featuring innovative costumes, giant puppets, and handmade masks created by artists, families, schools, and community groups. Watching the parade is free for all.

Individuals, families, schools, and neighborhood and community groups are all invited to participate. Create your parade entry on your own or at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s public workshops.

Parade the Circle 2023 Theme

TRANSFORMATION (Dragonfly ǀ Libélula) – The dragonfly, or libélula, holds spiritual symbolism with people of many cultures across the world, and after 300 million years, this fascinating insect still coexists with us. The dragonfly also symbolizes strength, joy, creativity, and happiness. The life cycle of the dragonfly, egg to nymph to adult dragonfly, also represents transformation or change. Let the dragonfly serve as a reminder that we all need change in our lives to grow, self-reflect, and adapt to any environment or circumstance we may face.

Héctor Castellanos Lara, Lead Artist, Parade the Circle.

Prepaid parking in the CMA garage is not available on this day. A special event parking rate of $20 will apply—cash and credit cards are accepted at the garage entrance.


Parade the Circle


June 10, 2023
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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